6 NOV 2020

Ready for sea trail!

We will replace the windshield to a slightly lower one and mount some logos and other details. Next week we will have our first sea trail. We will try out props for both Bravo XR and Bravo Three sterndrives. Can’t what to get here in the water. We here at FUGU can not wait to get her in the water!

26 SEP 2020

Almost done

Most parts mounted. We use aluminium profiles to fit slide-on tubes instead of gluing the tubes to deck and hull. This makes it easy to change the tubes in the future if needed.

1 SEP 2020

Assembling the first boat

First we glue all stringers to the hull. Then the engine is installed. Our first boat will have the V8 TDI diesel option. We installed an extra through-hull water inlet for extra cooling.

15 JUL 2020

All parts are made for the first boat!

All composite parts produced for the first boat. We are happy to say that the fit of alla parts have be outstanding! Now we will start the assembly of the first boat

4 MAR 2020

New Swedish RIB for fast cruising

The Swedish boat magazine Båtliv was first to write about FUGU.

27 FEB 2020

Let us introduce the Ullman Bulldog for FUGU!

Ullman Dynamics — the world leader in chock migrating suspension seats will build a custom version of their Bulldog seats for us. You will get them with our custom POD with storage and painted in the same color as your boat. You can choose fabric and a foldable foot rest as an option. Our first boats will be produced with this seat, and they will be able during April as an option in our configurator.

26 FEB 2020

Last mould soon done

Moulds for cabin interior and stringers is done. The only mould missing is the dashboard. In March we will start laminate our first hull. Now the process of ordering laminates, engines and other parts is taking most of our time.

28 OKT 2019

The same process for all composite parts

The hull mould is done and the deck pattern has got it's first layer of prime coat before sanding. Hatch, lid and inner-liner are under milling. The process goes on, soon we can start laminate our first boat parts!

1 OKT 2019

Our first mould is born

The pattern is sanded by hand over and over to a high gloss finish at our shipyard. After that we put on layers of wax and gelcoat. From there we can start laminate the final mould on top of the pattern. A couple of weeks later we release the mould from the pattern. Then we recycle the pattern and start to build a frame for the mould.

10 SEP 2019

We have started milling

This is a big day for us! We have started to mill the pattern for the hull. A five axis milling machine makes the pattern in EPS layer by layer. Finally it is covered with pasta and milled multiple times to a high tolerance. After that the pattern is shipped to our shipyard where the process of making a mould from the pattern will start.

15 JUL 2019

Abrasion resistance calculations and laminate schedules done

We decided early to use all possible data to make a boat that stands out. This means that we have optimized strength and weight. This is made possible by direct engineering calculations and FEM (Finite Element Method). With this method we can optimize stringers and make adjustments in weak areas and get the exact laminate schedule for all parts. Thanks to the laminate schedule the laminate thickness is provided and by that we can adjust our drawing accordingly. When this is done we can start to mill the pattern.